• Jibo

    The worlds first social robot.

  • Tile

    A tiny device that helps find what you’ve lost.

  • CHiP

    Meet CHiP. The World’s first lovable robot dog.

  • Aremi

    Make Magic Real.

  • popSLATE

    Everything you need at a glance.

  • Beartooth

    Communicate even off the grid.

  • Kiba

    World’s first interactive self-editing video camera.

  • Loop

    Your personal photo and video display.

  • Wonder Workshop

    A slick robot that teaches kids how to program.

  • Cuff

    Cuff keeps you and your loved ones safe, and it’s stylish.

  • Kingii

    The smallest inflatable in the world.

  • Blocks

    The worlds first modular smart watch.

  • Wiggy

    The Piggy bank reinvented

  • Kinsa

    Smart thermometer for even the biggest kids.

  • Nucleus

    A new approach to the home intercom.

  • Revolv

    Smart home, connected.

  • KidFit

    Keep your kids fit so they can save the world.

  • Amp

    Jambox meets iPhone.

  • Brydge

    Brydge is a keyboard & speaker system that turns your iPad into a laptop.

  • Skreens

    Make one screen a bunch of screens.

  • pHin

    Pool care made simple.

  • Mellow

    A better way to cook.

  • Case66

    Case66 provides protection and extra functionality for your iPad mini.

  • Everysight

    A wearable that augments your world.

About Us

We launch products using awesome videos. We work with you to find your story and then bring it to life. Our lead creatives have been working in the film, new media, and marketing businesses for over ten years. We know how product launches work – we’ve even launched a few ourselves (Brydge, Ready-Case, Oona) so we can help you avoid the many pitfalls of the space. We even know how to get the word out. From blog attention to vitality we can get your product or company out into the world.



Video has become the number one way to engage an audience and storytelling within that video is the number one way to sell a product to that audience. This is our bread and butter and whatever that “story” may be, we work with you to find the best way to tell it through our videos.


Releasing a video out into the world does no good if no one knows where to find it. We have our own marketing team to help get the word out and narrow down who is interested and where to find them as well as create the right buzz about your amazing product.


Maybe you have your own marketing team or have already hired an amazing PR firm. No problem, we still can create an awesome video with you or just consult on your launch campaign since we have been through it many times. What steps to take first, who the product is best suited for, and how to reach them effectively.

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